Want to see your book or music project in DPN?

Getting your project publish for free in DPN starts with an email message. Drop us a short note, as early as possible according to the deadlines a little farther down this page, to let us know your material is coming. This helps us estimate space needs for the next issue. We'd prefer to have all information submitted electronically, but we still accept written submissions too.  You can send your images as email attachments in the preferred formats of PDF, JPG, or TIFF. The text for the submission can simply be sent as the body of your email. Here's what we need:

Artist Statement:
Describe in 50 words or less the material you are presenting.  Do this in your own words and make sure it is something you would be comfortable seeing in print. Remember this is a free service, and space constraints mean we can't guarantee publication, but we always do our best. We hope you'll also consider purchasing an advertisement, as this is how we stay in business. 

CD Titling Info:
List the CD title and all performers on the CD. Correct spelling is a must, since this is how they will appear in the magazine.

Your Recommendation:
Tell us which track you’d like to see on the review CD, and in your own words explain why you chose this cut. List all the performers on the track(s).

Dulcimer(s) From Recommendation:
Our readers love to hear specific dulcimer information in future reviews. List the builder, age of the instrument, and any interesting history.

Keys, Tunings, Etc.:
We often hear from readers who want to know specifics on how music is played.  Give them as much information as you'd like.

Release Forms:
Download, fill out and return the IPR Waiver and Release Form. Right-click here to download the form.

Track Lists:
List the title for each track on the CD.

Project Artwork:
We can scan your CD or book cover, but a high quality, electonic file will look much better.

Contact Information:
Include your website, email, phone number, and postal mailing address. Be specific regarding any contact information you do not want in the magazine, and let us know which is most important, should we need to edit for length.  

Send your project to:

email (preferred): dpn@dpnews.com
Dulcimer Players News
P.O. Box 94
Harrisburg, MO 65256

Deadlines for submitting books, CDs, or other material for review:


  • Content submission: March 1


  • Content submission: June 1


  • Content submission: September 1


  • Content submission: December 1