Hearts of the Dulcimer, movie preview - You can read more about this project in an article written by Joellen Lapidus, beginning on page 6.

Bing Futch, playing the blues - take a look at my editor’s letter on page 4 to learn why we’re excited for and with Bing.

Video Lessons with Steve Seifert

Chord Shortcuts - Eight bar chords you can use 98% of the time for backup playing. Steve said to be sure and tell you that these don’t work for augmented and diminished chords. By the way, if you don’t know what augmented and diminished chords are, check out Butch Ross’ article beginning on page 22.

Finger Positions and Exercises - This is a four finger approach to playing hard passages. You might only need this technique for one measure in one out of ten songs, but when you need it, you’ll be ready.

Harmonics - What you need to think about in order to play strong, clear, and bell-like harmonic tones.

Strum Exercise - An exercise to help students tackle complex rhythms.

The Circle of Fifths - a video lesson with Dan Landrum on using this amazing tool to help memorize the notes on your hammered dulcimer, and get better accuracy when tuning. There’s also an included pdf you can print as a reference.